The News In Yemen

The News In Yemen

One news story that you couldn’t have missed in the past couple of weeks was the Al-Qaeda terror threat taking place in Yemen. Due to this terror threat, security in Yemen has had to react dramatically in order to stop an attack, not only this, but with various national embassy’s pulling out of the country, Yemen doesn’t appear to be a safe place to be at this moment of time. In fact with the current situation, there are some that are urging the citizens to leave the country as soon as possible.

Close Protection security is a necessity in this type of situation to protect those which are the targets. Embassy employees need to be safeguarded throughout their journey to leave the country.

With the Al-Qaeda terror plot intensifying, security is at the forefront of people’s minds. However, we at Alpha 1 Security can tell you how we can help you feel safe and secure, even in the wake of the current Yemen situation.

Alpha 1 covers an extensive range of security services that are all performed with equal dedication and professionalism. Below are some areas that we cover:

  • Retail Security – Protecting a variety of establishments and shops including jewellery, clothes, food and digital appliances such as smart phones.
  • Door Supervision – We have many doormen that can guard the entrance to any event or establishment to ensure that the occasion is enjoyed to the fullest without the introduction of trouble.
  • Close Protection – Alpha 1 can ensure that your own personal safety will be an absolute priority for us; we can provide close protection so you can have peace of mind wherever you go.
  • Event Security – We acknowledge that any event takes a great deal of time to prepare, and for it to be spoilt in an instant would be a great shame. Alpha 1 can ensure that the security of your event will be nothing short of fantastic.

Of these, Close Protection is a security method that will make you feel protected by a physical presence – and one of the greatest deterrents. As much as the idea of CCTV means that a lot is captured on camera there is nothing that can beat knowing that the person walking by your side is there to guard and keep you safe against any threats. Many high profile personnel will have close protection security by their side so that any threat knows the highest quality training has been given to that guard. You are in safe hands.

So with the current need for security services in the UK as well as across the world don’t leave anything to chance. Alpha 1 will be there to secure any event, establishment or person. You don’t need to worry about your security anymore.

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