The role of a door supervisor

The role of a door supervisor

The role of a door supervisor deserves respect!

Door supervisors across the UK unfortunately get a lot of stick for the jobs they do and we think this is completely unwarranted. Could you imagine a world without someone making sure those with the intent to commit crimes are let in to clubs and pubs? Firstly clubs would become completely overcrowded, increasing the chance of a problem if there was a fire. You would also probably find thugs or hooligans entering to purely cause a problem. Door supervisors prevent these and many other problems that could arise on a single night. Alpha 1 provide security professionals in order to deter and prevent bad behaviour from occurring.

If you take the standpoint of the establishment’s point of view, if security professionals were not working on a club or pubs door, the clubs license would probably be revoked after its first night! Also the reputation of the club or pub falls due to the problems that would occur in the club/pub

There is a stigmatism surrounding door supervisors that Alpha 1 are trying to extinguish. Establishments that have poor door supervisors, those who come across as above the law and are un cooperative, generally find they suffer from these problems:

·Staff can be put in unnecessary danger by having to witness and manage violent and argumentative people.

·Poor door supervisors can put people off of attending a venue. This will lower the reputation of the business and in turn lose business.

·Poor door supervisors could mean a club/pub could face fines or have their license revoked.

At Alpha 1 we believe that door supervisors should respect clients if they are to receive respect in turn. All of our staff are full qualified and highly experienced, protecting the reputation of your establishment and your clientele alike.

Should you need any advice don’t hesitate to contact us.

Forget the rest, Alpha 1 are the best.

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