Night security – protect your home this bonfire night

Night security – protect your home this bonfire night

Have you planned any bonfire night fireworks this year? Of course you have! With the first week of November filled with celebration, with bonfire night displays taking place up and down the country, it is better to be safe than sorry by following our list of security tips. After all, your safety on bonfire night is imperative.

While most of you will view November 5th as a chance to wrap up warm and marvel at the fireworks or bonfire celebrations, burglars see it as the ultimate distraction. Fireworks night has got to be the busiest night of the year for break-ins and burglaries.  Homes are empty and families are usually gathered in their back garden hosting a bonfire party and setting off their own fireworks, leaving the house vulnerable to attack.

Now we understand that you may be excited to get out there and have some fun, but we cannot emphasise enough the importance of taking a couple of minutes to secure every door and window in your house, including the garage door before heading out to a bonfire party. Even if you are in your back garden this November, make sure that your front door is secure and windows are completely locked.  Most burglars break into a property through an open or unsecured window.

Further to this we also recommend that you invest in a secure and visible alarm system. If you have the technology available at your disposal, make sure that you actually use it and actually activate the home security system. If a burglar can see that your house is alarmed they will avoid it to prevent the system from going off.

To give burglars the impression that your home is occupied, we suggest purchasing a timer that will turn your lights on at a pre-set time to make your house look busy. If a burglar can see that the lights are on in a property, they will tend to stay away to avoid running the risk of getting caught. These timers can be useful for those of you who work late nights or leave their home a lot in the evening.

If you have a spare key for the house, don’t hide it under the door mat or under a flower pot – these are all classic hiding places that people will check first, especially criminals.

Avoid using any form of social media to bring others to the attention that you will be going out on bonfire night. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all ideal deal methods of letting a burglar aware that your home is empty. If you’ve got a photo of the fireworks that you wish to share, wait until you get home.

Should you wish to make your home even more secure, we recommend that you invest in our comprehensive 24 hour mobile patrol service. At Alpha 1, we carry out routine checks and randomly patrol your area, so that we are clearly visible and our presence is felt amongst others. In a way we act a deterrent and conduct vacant property checks to ensure that your house hasn’t been raided. Should anything happen to your property, whilst you are out enjoying the bright lights, we would contact the relevant emergency services conveying crucial information.

If you found these tips helpful and effective, or wish to discuss our mobile patrol service further do not hesitate to get in touch with us, at Alpha 1. Remember that there is also Christmas round the corner the think about as well. Yet most of all ensure that you have a great time this bonfire night with peace of mind that your house is safe and secure.

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