Training with Alpha 1: The Alpha approach

Training with Alpha 1: The Alpha approach

To be a security officer you must undergo training, which will give you the required qualifications to deal with situations that we, in the security industry, deal with on a daily basis, be this with a difficult customer after a night on the town, or helping the police in an investigation. Training is vital to what we do and at Alpha 1 we make sure all our employees are trained in our ethos: the Alpha approach.

The Alpha approach is something that our directors have created to make sure that all of our employees are delivering the highest quality of customer service, and we encourage all our security personal to remember that is an important of Alpha 1. By delivering the highest customer service possible, we ensure all members of the public are kept safe and treated with respect. This will help to promote our business and improve the relations we have with the general public.

When applicants are training to become security officers we make sure they go through these customer related key areas:

  • Meeting and Greeting; opening and closing of doors.
  • Helping OAPs
  • Helping those who are disabled or bound
  • Have a local knowledge of the town/city in which you are working; have local minicab office/s contact number; know where the nearest ATM machine is; nearest restaurants and take away shops; nearest tube station; nearest bus stop/station; last train and buses home
  • In case of emergency know where the nearest police station and hospital/A&E  are
  • Local garages and petrol stations will be another important business to locate

By carrying out this customer related training, it is likely that our personal will strike up relationships with customers that may benefit them and us in the future. Not only will our security personal be industry trained, Alpha 1 will make sure that all our security staff are expertly trained in all customer service related fields, to make sure we are industry leaders that take into consideration the needs of the public as well.

The right people are Alpha 1’s most important asset.

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