United Arab Embassy News

United Arab Embassy News

Emiratis around London have been advised this week to avoid ‘no-go-zones’ or danger areas in London specific to people of an Emirati ethnicity.
The question is, from a security perspective is this realistic, viable and should people really be following these guidelines? A much more worrying question could also be why are people in a multi-cultural society picking out certain races and targeting them?

When the government issues a warning it is easy to immediately take on board what someone has said and magnify this massively. As far as we are concerned it is a warning that should be taken seriously. Do not underestimate an official warning that will not have issued lightly. We believe there are some security measures you can take upon yourself at all times to maximise your own personal safety.
Always ensure you have closed your bag. It has been said by Dubai resident (Mona Al Ali, 29) that possibly one of the reasons why Emiratis are targeted by petty thieves and muggers is due to their trust. They come from vastly different culture and often from a background where the penalty for petty-crime is far more severe than it is here in the UK.

It has also been noted often wealthy Emiratis wear expensive jewellery, particularly business men and women from Dubai, once again due to the difference in policing force and culture. It is certainly true that wealth is a factor. I

n the world news in the last couple of weeks there has also been discussion within the UK Embassy in Iran which closed in 2011 due to attacks, once again opening because ‘circumstances are right’ which indicates to us that overall the clouds are clearing – relations and national/international security is improving on every scale.

If you would like to learn more about security surrounding this area and see what we do then please click here.

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