UK Terror Threat: Severe

UK Terror Threat: Severe

Current news sources state that terror threat levels within the UK have reached severe, the second highest of five possible threat levels. The threat level has risen in reaction to current severe conflicts in both Iraq and Syria. Prime-minister David Cameron stated that threat is indeed growing, and that security and protection is planning to increase in parallel to the threat level.

According to statements made by A C Rowley, families and communities should be urged to consider increasing security to protect against possible danger. Alpha 1 is prepared and committed to giving yourself and/or your community the right protection. We have expertise in a range of areas, from close protection to 24 hour security that can be crafted according to your circumstances. For example Alpha 1’s mobile patrol security would prove suitable for a community situation, with a 24 hour comprehensive service for your community and/or premises. We believe that you need to feel secure when perhaps you feel most vulnerable, including nights, weekends and holidays, hence why this security solution may be for you. The benefits tailored into our mobile patrol system include a rapid response to situations, a contemporary contrast to static guarding, and a peace of mind for your community.

During anxious times like this, it isn’t abnormal to feel that close protection is a necessity. If you have a high profile or you feel that you are in personal danger, Alpha 1 can provide you with support through our close protection service. A threat to your life can be a horrifying and emotive experience, however we at Alpha 1 are professionally prepared with the right support that you require. Your quality of life will not be tainted by external threats with the right type of protection, and our close protection benefits include the safeguard of your happiness and freedom.

Alpha1 hold the ambition to make the UK a safe and supported place to be. Whether we are protecting one person or thousands, every life matters. Make the right connection- use Alpha 1 for your protection.

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