What is Manned Guarding?

What is Manned Guarding?

Essentially manned guarding is the act of protecting a premises from unauthorised access or occupation, therefore preventing damage or disorder, possible theft and protecting individuals against assault or injury.

Alpha1 Security Services is based in London but provides SIA approved manned guarding for companies all over the United Kingdom. We provide a physical presence on your site that deters and discourages the possible scenarios above taking place.

One major economic advantage to having a manned guard on site is insurance companies may give a substantial discount to sites with this presence; for a high profile or high risk location this could even exceed that investment placed into the manned guarding package.

The reasoning behind this is security on site decreases the opportunity for theft, vandalism, arson and a whole plethora of antisocial activity. If a fire was to break out, having a manned guard increases the speed to which this would be reported and of course, this will limit the damage to your property.

At Alpha1 Security our guards are selected for personal competency as well as skill and professionalism. We have a rigorous vetting program for all staff with no tolerance for average performance. We strive for excellence.
We aim to enhance your company image and provide that all-important first impression that your business depends upon. We are renowned as the business that is truly passionate about quality.

The results of these measures are peace of mind for our clients. In an industry inundated with ineffectual security provision you know you can rely on us.

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