What makes our Concierge service different?

What makes our Concierge service different?

When you first enter any office or a hotel the first person you will often see is the concierge. As the saying goes; you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression so make it a good one. When you work with Alpha 1 we can assure you that our concierge service is the best in the business. Our staff are observant, approachable and conscientious.

Alpha1’s concierge service will immediately give a professional air to your business. When your customers enter your building, we ensure that they will feel safe and protected. Naturally your guests will expect to be greeted politely and a warm welcome should be the only welcome. By ensuring they feel secure and comfortable you can guarantee they will remember the service and visit again.

We ensure your needs are always met, your concierge service can either start outside the front door or we can situate ourselves at reception; we can even help with valet parking. Along with parking the guest’s car and greeting them we also will deliver your post from the front desk to the room that it needs to be distributed to. All these tasks are carried out at the same time we provide your security so you can be sure that the best use is being made of the period we are in situ.

We also direct visitor management, our well-trained eyes and experienced staff are always completely aware of their surroundings, an essential skill when working in this capacity.

Alpha 1 is here to help with running a hassle free front of house, if you are considering adding concierge service to your establishment, why not consider the experts? Call us for a completely free visit with no obligation.

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