Who needs security services?

Who needs security services?

Every business person knows that protecting their assets is of the utmost importance; it is no use putting hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds into something you’re not going to protect. Alpha 1 Security Services has worked for a variety of different clients in an array of industries.

Multi million pound companies and small independent pubs alike have operated with Alpha 1 to keep their business, clients and staff safe. We continue to work with Calvin Klein, a household name across the world, providing them with sound retail security in their stores throughout the UK. Calvin Klein is an incredibly famous brand, so protecting their stock and sales is of the utmost importance to them.

Security Services are important to worldwide brands, because without this vital element, knock on effects from theft could be devastating to their reputation. If a large robbery occurs, it could throw the company into a media frenzy and negative attention leads to negative consequences for such prestigious and high -end brands.

Alpha 1 has provided event security to Ashford Borough Council for a free music festival in Kent. As with music festivals and large events, there are always a variety of people from all walks of life. Sadly, it is not uncommon for death to occur at festivals, so it is imperative that for the safety of the performers, the staff and the audience, a competent and efficient team, able to provide expert security services is on hand to keep any conflict or disruption to a minimum.

Those constantly in the public eye often require close protection, in order to ensure that if their safety is compromised, there is someone on hand to protect them from harm, and keep unwanted attention at arms length. Alpha 1 Security Services has provided stars such as Cody Simpson (international teen sensation) and his family with expert skills in close protection.

It is unreasonable to assume that there is more or less of a need for security services, depending on how big the client is.

Don’t be caught out, choose Alpha 1 for your security services today.

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