Why is our security different to the rest?

Why is our security different to the rest?

If you’re reading this blog, you may be looking into security for yourself, your business or even a client. We understand that you don’t have much time so we’ll get to the point. Our directors have put together the ‘Alpha Approach’. The Alpha Approach highlights the extreme importance of delivering high quality customer service to our clients, all of the time. This approach is a strict series of training which explicitly focuses on the needs of our clients, now and their future needs. We understand that every client we work with is different and therefore we will conduct prior research to understand what your needs are and how our team can assist you.

Not only does our Alpha approach make us different but we put all of our employees and potential applicants through strict processes to make sure they understand the Alpha Approach and its ethos and we encourage them to think of it as an important part of the service that we offer to our clients. Alpha 1 understands that our employees may be the first port of call that the outside world will have with your property, therefore our employees will always be polite and will help out, wherever necessary.

What do we think customer service is?

Customer service has a loose term and can different things to different people. Alpha 1 understands customer service to be the ability to understand and empathise with you, the client and your needs. If we can understand what your needs are, we can tailor a package to suit you and our employees can hit the ground running, as soon as we provide security for you.

What does our training involve?

Our customer related approach has many aspects and below are just a few of the processes that we put our employees through:

  • The Meet and Greet: Opening and closing doors for guests.
  • Helping OAP’s
  • Knowledge of the local vicinity.

You may be thinking “Why does the staff need to have knowledge of the local area?” We believe that our security staff should know where the nearest taxi rank, bus stop and local shop is, as the general public may ask these questions on a daily basis and by being able to answer they may come away with a positive feeling about the your business.

The right training provides expert staff, the Alpha Approach is that training.

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