Your Heritage Property Security

Your Heritage Property Security

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has recently published a fresh new guide to the Security of Heritage Properties, which aims to provide owners, guardians, and managers with an overview of the common consideration of risk assessments and security measures that need to be taken into account with heritage sites.

Some Heritage sites are located in remote areas and can be filled with valuable assets that may appear attractive to criminals – hence – these properties require effective and professional security. Developing such a system presents a unique set of challenges however; we at Alpha 1 have both the knowledge and experience within industry to provide the right kind of security measures regardless of the type of property in need of assessment. So who would most benefit from this type of security? The new guide is primarily aimed at benefiting private home owners, smaller businesses in listed properties and public groups of volunteers willing to take care of heritage properties. The new guide has been specifically crafted to meet the needs of older and vulnerable structures, and smooth out the edges of bespoke security for historic buildings.

Some feel that the addition of modern security technology may ruin the aesthetics of these historic properties. With this in mind Alpha 1 strive to provide security solutions that compliment a buildings character rather than detract from it, one such example would be the use of our 24 hour mobile security services which enable your property to be externally guarded without direct intervention. Maintaining a listed building or heritage site can be stressful enough without the added concern of security. Alpha 1 can provide static guarding, which act as a visible and effective deterrent however if you are searching for a rapid response security solution we also cater for such requirements. If you require bespoke security solutions then make the smart decision – choose Alpha 1.

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