Your SIA licence

Your SIA licence

To work within the security industry you need to hold your SIA licence. They are only issued if you pass a number of conditions, which proves that you are right for the job. These criteria have to be considered by individuals at all times. If they aren’t then there is a possibility of having your licence revoked.

There is a slightly different set of rules for those who are front line staff and those who are not. Front line staff must sure that they wear their licence somewhere that it is easily visible when undertaking licensable work unless a reason has been reported to us prior to this work.

The following must be written to us if they occur;

  • There is a change to your name and address
  • If your licence has been lost or stolen
  • If you have any convictions, cautions or charges from both within the UK and abroad

For front line staff, no defacing of your licence should ever take place and if for some reason your badge has been altered you must not wear it and you should request a replacement. This licence must also be produced when asked by any member of the SIA or a police constable.

These are all rules to protect you as well as us as – your employer – and are 100% necessary in this field of work. The only difference between the above and non-front line staff is that those who are not working on the front line do not have to wear the badge visibly.

You must be over 18 to hold an SIA licence and have passed the criminal checks as well as reached the required level of training. There are other checks that may be carried out such as those on your mental health and your right to work in the UK if this is deemed necessary.

If you are not SIA licenced but you would like to be, you can apply on the SIA Home Office website. There is a fee for the application which is generally £220 for three years for every position apart from that of a front line vehicle immobiliser where the fee is £220 for one year. The good news is that if you need more than one licence a discount is normally given!

80% of correctly submitted applications should be processed within 25 working days which means you can be out and working in a relatively short amount of time.

Here at Alpha 1 Security we only hire the best of the best. When it comes to security we take things very seriously. Due to this we make sure all of our staff hold an SIA licence before we send them out to work for any of our clients.

If you have any questions; whether you are a client who is interested in finding out more about what services we offer as SIA Approved Contractors or perhaps a prospective employee wanting to find out more please get in touch!


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